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-         Presentation of the Grand Lieu Lake.

-         Geography, geology and hydrology concerning the lake.

-         Birds anatomical features.

-         Biological links between birds and other tetrapod.

-         Are the birds some theropod dinosaurs?

-         Observing a bird.

-         Bird classification.

-         Migrations.

-         Ducks and American coot: an international staging area.

-         Herons: each European species and the world’s largest Blue heron colony.

-         The Great egret: a jump of about 1400km (900miles) to nest in France.

-         The Spoonbill: the rebirth of the rarest French bird.

-         The Sacred Ibis: Grand Lieu instead of the Nil!

-         The Grand Lieu flora.

-         Threats to the lake.

-         Prejudices to the lake natural hydraulic.

-         Pollutions from watersheds.

-         Botulism.

-         Invasions by the American crayfish, the primrose willow, and the Brazilian watermill foil.

-         The protection of the lake.

-         A plan to rescue the lake.


Four trips are soon to be made to the Grand Lieu Lake, two in November and the two others in March, with the participation of Laurent Bauza who is a member of the naturalist group of Loire-Atlantique and Benoît Teillet who is a member of the SIVOM Loire and Goulaine. Sir Bauza is also coming to our school to present his PowerPoint about birds migration, and to discuss the issues of knowing birds movements around the globe, of capturing birds with a net or in the nest to be banded (what kind of band then, metallic, colored, nasal or alar). He is putting picture albums of the Lake birds for our personal use on his own web-blog:  or



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