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Biodiversity of the stream passing by our school


Feng- Xi Junior high school,
Kaohsiung City 83060, Taïwan


Cindea Hung


Students ......

The project

The citizens and government paid more attention to the environmental problems in the city. The government provided more places for the children to explore, to know more about nature and creatures. We had many wetlands in the cities these years, used the abandoned military camps or waste lands, built a kid’s paradise to let people explore with the kids or keep original forests in remote areas. Since Taiwan is an overdeveloped island, in order to keep the nature in our daily life, we need to teach people how to treasure and maintain it. It became a good place for the kids to learn about nature. We had many new wetlands or natural parks recently. We would like to report it, and let more people join us to keep natural places in our city, and learn the biodiversity among the species, no artificial but let it be nature

International Congres, 5 June2012


Afficher Graines d'explorateurs 2012 sur une carte plus grande

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