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Questions traduites en anglais (en cours d'Anglais)

Un vrai travail de recherche a été mené par les élèves pour parvenir à traduire leurs questions. Félicitations à eux !


1) How do you become a researcher / a research worker?


2) Have you already been to a plastic continent?


3) Why did all plastics gather in a continent? 


4) How long does it take for a waste to reach the plastic continent?


5) Can we destroy the plastic continent? for example with the help of aquatic tractors or by recycling,


6) Does the plastic continent move around? can it reach France?


7) Can fishes die in the plastic continent? is it possible that fishes die , what about human beings ? why?


8) Are the zooplancton and the phytoplancton contaminated?


9) What are the living things that we can find on the plastic continent?


10) What do you search? / what are you looking for ?


11) Can new species be created from plastic?

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