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School of education : Collège les Servizières

website : 



Teachers involded in the project:

Armelle Barbier, English: 

Elisabetta Bacherot, Italian : 

Gwladys Doyen, Biology:

Maud Mermet, Documentalist


Classes :

6°, 5°, 4°, 3°

Collaborators :

Météo France 

Ifé - ENS  Lyon

Project's issues :


Severals objectives:


This project aim to sensibilize young scholars to the protection of nature and biodiversity :

- Gardening workshop : Insects hotel, Hedgehog shelter and wildflower meadows

- A weather station was installed close to the garden and the data will be used for pedagogical activities ( introduction to meteorology, weather forecasting, exploration of our atmosphere depression, anticyclone...)

- Recycling activities (collect paper, battery)





Afficher Graines d'explorateurs 2013 sur une carte plus grande


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