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Biodiversity Videoconference, Tuesday 5 June 2012

UK Flag We’d like to inform you of the venue of a pedagogical event, more precisely on the teaching of science through the discovery of biodiversity.
During this event, a set of classes’ projects will be presented.
Spain Flag


To join the videoconference

With login and password

The videoconference will be held Tuesday 5 June 2012 at 7:00 UTC (principally in english but possibly in native language)

A second videoconference will be held also at 14:00 UTC (in spanish)

To know time of the conference in your country : world clock

Visioconference program

We suggest all participants to prepare a 6-12 slides presentation (4-8 minutes) :  presentation powerpoint 2003 or openoffice

This slideshow should contain:
- slide presenting your country, (institution) school / Study background
- slide presenting the classes or groups involved (number of classes / pupils involved...)
- slides about the project (Example: preparation phase / outdoor phase / results)


-Please send us a soon as possible the title and a short description of the presentation.

-Please send us before Sunday 3 June 2012 the presentation, powerpoint 2003 or openoffice (without animation)


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