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Notre diaporama en anglais


The pupils of eight classes of the « College George SAND » and the « SEGPA » are proud to present you the work they have done this year for the project « Graines d’exdplorateurs ».

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We have discovered in the passed year that the crew of the ship TARA could reduce its waste by 3 by limiting the packaging, by recycling its waste and reusing what can be. We have also wanted to know how in our community we manage our waste.

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For that we first assisted a conference about waste, and thanks to the « conseil général » and the community of communes we had the chance to go en the field.

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We learnt that our waste was distributed in several categories: - The recyclable waste: glass, cardboards, paper, metal can, plastic bottles which we put in yellow bin liners, - The not recyclable waste that we put in bin liners blacks, - And the green waste which we deposit to the waste reception center.

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The green waste is forwarded to Velles where they are crushed then begun fermenting to make some compost. The compost will then be used by the municipalities for the green spaces.

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The not recycled waste is driven to Gournay, where they are poured in an immense hole 15 meters deep, then they are crushed by bulldozers. When the hole will be filled, the earth will come to cover the waste. Pipes are also installed to get back gases which escape.

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Recyclabe waste are driven to Issoudun, where workers have to do sort out by hand each kind of waste. In a second time the wastes are compacted to make cubes.

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The glass and the cubes of sorted out waste: cardboard, paper, metal, various sorts of plastics are then sent towards specialized factories where they will serve as raw materials to make new products.

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Our visits on the ground allowed us to report us better the reality and to realize that every day it is tons of waste that we produce, that we transport, and of whom it is then necessary to get rid. All this is very expensive to manage and it is indispensable to react.

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Our ideas to improve the management of the waste are modest but if each people makes an effort to reduce its waste, by thinking of reusing what can be, and to recycle ; then as on TARA we shall manage to produce much fewer waste.

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