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Seeds of explorers

Why register with the Seeds of explorers project ?

Registration form to the 5th June videoconference

The French Institute for Education (Ifé) offers a pedagogic and scientific support for your project with:

·         A regular follow-up (by videoconference, email and/or phone).

·         A favored contact with a school helping you to set up your project.

·         An opportunity to increase the prestige of your project by taking part through online meetings to the students’ congress on June, 5th.

Seeds of Explorers have several objectives:

·         Make the students aware of how important it is to know and understand the biodiversity  of their nearby environment.

·         Take part in the students’ education to citizenship.

·         Get the students to like scientific subjects at school.

·         Get the students to work and study on a long term project.

·         Encourage interdisciplinary work among teachers.

·         Improve the students’  learning skills and personal development through group work.

·         Develop a methodology for pedagogical follow-ups of scientific expeditions.


To go forward

  Our partners


Our history:

Several scientific missions and expeditions involving scientists and adventurers have taken place in the last few years. Among these was “SANTO2006”, which aimed at making an inventory of biodiversity in the Vanuatu Archipelago.


The French Institute for Education (IFé) is assigned the pedagogical follow-up of the Santo2006 expedition.

During that period, teachers from pilot classes create and validate study protocols with students by daily follow-ups of the “SANTO2006” expedition.


Secondary schools work  on the repetition of a scientific project dealing with biodiversity on a regional level in partnership with scientific organisms.

Since 2010, schools can also do pedagogical follow-ups of scientific missions currently taking place.

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